Monday, August 09, 2010

Voice Seeker Survey: You Prefer Quality!

Keeping it real...short:
Not to long ago, a survey was sent out to all those currently posting jobs on Voice123 to find voice over talent. We asked a simple question: 'Do you prefer 'quality' or 'quantity?'.

We collected the results, and here is what you told us!
  • Prefer receiving hundreds of auditions: 15.4%
  • Prefer receiving what was requested in the project, good, and nothing else: 84.6%
We also asked, "How many years have you worked in media production and/or the voice over industry?":
  • Less than 10 years: 38.5%
  • More than 10 years: 7.7%
  • More than 20 years: 30.8%
  • More than 30 years: 23.1%
We greatly appreciate all those who answered the survey, and will use your responses to make for a better Voice123!

In the name of ‘sharing’...
Never forget that you can use Voice123 to hire talent, and take all the credit! Remember to use the shared inbox from Voice123 to give to your clients, so they can listen in, too! Examples:

Voice123 is referenced!

Without any references!

See the difference? With the busy autumn season approaching, we hope you use Voice123 for your next voice over project!

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