Monday, August 09, 2010

Coach Partner Program In Voice123

What is it?
Voice123 offers a Coach Partner Program that many professional coaches take part in!

Please read about it here!

Keeping This Short And Simple:
This is a great way to for voice coaches to find new students. How?

  • Voice123 promotes coaches in the program through Voice123 content.
  • A voice coach in the program is given a 6-month free subscription for as long as they are referring students to Voice123 for a free 30-day trial.
  • Workshops can be mentioned in Voice123 content.
  • Our staff is looking to attend workshops to get the chance to meet you!
If you are a voice over coach, or a student with a coach who does not know about this program, please write us, and ask for Steven!

We would love to set you up in this program, and build a stronger Voice123 Community!

Voice123 Meetups: Top25 Hit!
If you go to this forum post you will find news about Voice123 Meetups! Special thanks to Vicky Jans and Stevan Speheger. Thank you to the Voice123 Community, now listed in the Top 25 of Meetups everywhere!

Organize your own Voice123 Meetup today!

Thank you!

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