Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tips: Revisiting A Need For Remarks

Keep in mind:
We are often asked here, ‘What do I put in my remarks section?’. We commonly recommend keeping it short and sweet, with contact info. It helps, but it is not everything, nor is it a dealbreaker.

During the Voice123 Thursday training, we send in a test using an audio file of a talent’s voice over demo. It is usually taken from a Voice123 profile. The fact that even though we label it a test, when a voice seeker likes what they hear, they will make an effort to reach you. This means there is no ‘absolute cure-all remark’ because when your audition is remarkable to the listener, remarks mean very little.

Click on the image below:

This voice seeker showed interest, and you can see by the remarks that what was said mattered very little. When the seeker showed interest, he asked me who it was, and how to get in contact with that person.
The point...Great auditions will speak volumes for you, always.

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