Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trends: Do You Speak App-ish?

There are many discussions on mobile apps, and you will hear anyone on any given day tell you how much you need to have it. Before building up a graveyard of bad purchases, see the various types provided by mobile app developer, Mark Kirby.

Through all the discussions of apps that ‘you must have, or you are just not keeping up with everyone’, as an online business of being a voice talent, take a moment to reflect on how much these apps are actually being used in the business you work in, and for your purposes of getting you work; not just contributing to a social network.

Take a look at this slide show. It will display interesting numbers from studies in the past.

"I want one of those!"
The bottom line always is, ‘Will I make a profit from my efforts when apps are a business expense?’. Well, if you are a person who uses mobile apps for social networks to get work, you will find survey results in this Voice123 forum post interesting.

When all is read and done, we hope voice talent find an answer to the question, ‘Do I need to speak App-ish?’.

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