Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trend: A Game Of ‘Kindle, Paper, iPad'?

In a world, where ‘time is money’, there are always studies being done on how to save time. Although the inventions of Kindle and iPad have given people a unique tool to read books, and are slowly replacing paper book publications, a recent study showed it actually takes a longer amount of time to read books iPad and Kindle. Dunder-Mifflin’s Scranton-branch can rest easy for a day or two, but not very long.

Please go to this link and read about it! It will not take very long:

  • “...the printed book was the clear winner in terms of speed. Users were reading 6.2 percent slower on an iPad compared to paper, and 10.7 percent slower on the Kindle 2. Nielsen did not provide any statistics on the reading time for the PC monitor.”

So much for resting easy:
“Regardless of how fast people can read on an electronic device, the e-reader is becoming more popular every year. E-books raked in $313 million in 2009 growing by 176.6 percent compared to 2008, overtaking audio book sales. In 2010, e-book sales are currently growing at a rate of 217.3 percent versus 2009, according to estimates by the Association of American Publishers.”

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Leo Delope said...

If you chose to go with the Kindle or Ipad, take care of your eyes. Blink, blink, blink.

David Wandelt said...

It doesn't seem to have occurred to them (wonder who funded the study? It matters!) that maybe people are taking longer to read books on those devices because they're actually enjoying the experience more.

So who says faster really is better? Yes, time is money, but Ernest Hemingway isn't the kind of content normally associated with money making; maybe discovering they enjoy the books more is encouraging them to slow down a little to extend the entertainment time.

I know I loved re-reading Winnie the Pooh on my iPad, and definitely took my time really savoring it.

Maybe there are more important things in life than making as money as one can!