Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trends: Demands of a Paperless Business

Last Friday, a person working with another company in our office asked, ‘Are you using the fax machine? I need to use it’. Rather than answer, ‘Faxes? That is sooo 20th century!’, I simply said proudly:

‘Not us. Voice123 is a paperless business.’

It is pleasure to make such a statement. A company with paper filing systems spends money on paper (of course), but also storage space, which over time takes both a toll on a business, and on a global scale, the environment.

As for demos and auditions on Voice123, it is important for us to keep it digital. We are aware of the amount of cd’s, and marketing materials that go to waste; most of the time before it is even considered. This is why we have things such as our shared inbox.

If your company is aiming towards ‘100% Paperless’, you will face demands you may or may not have expected. We offer this article to you today, if this has been something your business was considering:

"There are the costs of new equipment and software to consider, as well as that of converting paper records into electronic files. And there are decisions about how to make the move and when, how much existing paper to convert, how to handle paper that continues to flow in from vendors and customers, how to get employees onboard with the idea and trained in new systems, and how to simply keep doing business as usual during the conversion.”

Thank you for reading! Voice123 LLC is currently pursuing our own ‘Green Certificate’.

You can see an example here of a site that is certified 'green'.

Thank you for reading!

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