Thursday, June 25, 2009

'Top 5: Requests From Voice Talents'

Understanding what the voice over community of Voice123 is thinking is important, so that each voice professional, be it a job poster or talent, has a great experience! So, last week, Voice123 shared an article with all voice over talents on the 'Top 5 Feedbacks' from you, the job poster, as to what you would like to see more of from voice talents. The article went over really well! In an effort to build understanding between all users of Voice123, we would like to share with you the Top 5 Requests given to us from Voice123 voice over talents. We hope you will find this interesting!

1. 'The ranking system is not used all that often.'

Voice123 has a ranking system in place for you to organize your decisions, as to who you will likely hire, consider, maybe hire, not likely hire, or wish to never hear from again. Such usage of the ranking system, simply put, helps you hear from your favorite talents more often, but can also help you avoid voice talents you wish to not hear from in the future. Voice talents request this because the more it is used, the better it affects their chances of being invited by those they have had positive results with in the past. It also gives them ideas on how well decisions they make are working out.

2. 'I wish I knew who they hired, or at least a thank you note for auditioning.'

Well, this is Voice123's responsibility. In fact, those doing the hiring have kindly asked us to have that option in place, as well. We will look to take care of this in the future. We appreciate everyone's patience until then.

3. 'My auditions were never opened.'

Right now, close to 80% of all auditions are opened when a project is posted on Voice123, yet 100% would always love to know that they have been heard, mainly because they had spent time to record something, and they know not everyone will be hired.

4. 'Project descriptions come across as too vague, sometimes.'

The interface on Voice123 allows for you to describe exactly what you need. However, many times only one or two words have been used to describe those needs. We have seen that those posting jobs get better results, when more details are given in the Project Description area. Post a voice over job, and see how well this works.

5. ' I lost contact with the client.'

It is important for all users to know that when replying to private messages or direct invites, DO NOT use the reply button in your email. Please use the link at the bottom of the email underneath 'How To Reply'. If you ever experience a situation in which you have lost contact with a voice over talent, contact us, and let us know! If the problem is Voice123's, we will be able to help you!

Voice123 wants all voice over industry professionals, from clients to talents, to enjoy using our system! If you ever have any questions while posting a project, or would like some advice on ways to get great results for your project, please contact us via Live Chat, phone or email.

We will always do our best to update our technology to fit the voice over community's ever-changing needs!

Thank you always!
Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Steven Lowell
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Friday, June 19, 2009

'Top 5 Feedbacks: From Voice Seekers'

Voice123 receives thousands of feedback emails, phone calls, and Live Chats a month, all from users of online casting. There are many, who post jobs to find voice over talents, many who audition, and many who do both. This week, we would like to share the top 5 feedbacks we read from voice seekers to fill in communication gaps in the Voice123 voice over community.

We hope you will find this helpful!

1. 'The voice talent did not respond to my email, or direct invitation.'

Regretfully, if there is more than one obvious choice, a simple thing like not responding to a personal invitation can cost someone a job; sometimes you or another voice talent. Voice123 is aware of this, and has policies in place to assist both voice talents and voice seekers to avoid these problems.

2. 'The voice talent agreed on a price, but could not perform the payment method required.'

One of the reasons Voice123 has a profile parameter for Payment Methods is because there are certain types of methods voice seekers or voice talents will simply not use. The best way to avoid any negative situation is to make sure you know you can perform the required payment method before auditioning.

3. 'The person did not follow instructions.'

Actually, this feedback is related to events that have happened AFTER someone was hired. Online voice over casting is new to everyone! One's perception of how much instruction is needed ahead of time can vary from user to user. At Voice123, we work to build technology to fill communication gaps in the voice over community, but it still may happen. The important thing to do is always keep track of what is exactly being asked for. An example would be, if the seeker asks for audio not to be compressed, or the MP3 file to be named a certain way.

4. 'The audition was great! So, what happened to the voice talent?'

The best thing to do, if you are going to audition, is make sure that you have contact info in your profile and remarks section that reaches you quickly. In addition, if you audition, always make sure you are indeed willing to do the job.

5. 'I wish there was some flexibility and understanding. We are all in the same boat.'

Working online as a voice talent, in many ways, requires that the talent can offer his/her own brand of customer service for voice seekers. There are indeed times when someone asks for a great amount of work, for very little. Before the decision to say 'No, I cannot help you.' is made, fully analyze the bigger picture! Will this person be a long-term client? Can I afford what is being asked of me? Above all... Will the effort eventually lead to a higher return of investment.

Perhaps the toughest part of being an online voice over talent is mastering the art of being a self-agent, business entrepreneur, marketer, and equally skilled at copy reading, while having sound recording skills.

The first step to all success...

Maintain a positive attitude, and work hard. Success will eventually find you!

Thank you always!
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Steven Lowell
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Voice123 Turns Six!

Voice123 will celebrate its sixth birthday this Saturday, June 13th. It left us thinking, "My my... These darn websites just grow up so darn fast!".

In six short years, online casting for voice overs has changed from 'something you might want to look into if you do voice overs or need voice talent' into a 'necessary & cost-effective way to market, audition, and/or find professional voice over talents'.

There have been changes in web technology, ways 'business is done', and new ways to communicate in 'real-time'. All of this has contributed to the growth of the online voice over community, and in a few short years, made it truly a professional and respectable way to find voice over work, or voice over talents.

The growth of Voice123 is evident in our Project Directory. Our first March in 2004, 81 voice over projects were posted. This year, over 1500 projects were posted, SmartCast & Private Jobs combined!

This could never have happened without the help of you, our Voice123 community of voice talents and job posters, and the drive of those who chose to dedicate themselves to making a better website, and voice over industry.

Our staff here celebrates a sixth birthday for Voice123, with all of you, our Voice123 community.

We thank you so much for making Voice123 special, and hope to be around for many years to come! Voice123 staff is now and forever, a hard working, dedicated staff on a mission to create, maintain, and innovate the best voice casting website with the goal of connecting members of the voice over industry, seven days a week!

All of you in the Voice123 community have made the past six years very special for all of us at Voice123!


Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Juan Salcedo
General Manager

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Voice123 Facts About Posting a Voice Over Project

Voice123 is the fastest, most efficient way to connect job posters (the voice seeker) with professional voice over talent.

Did you know?
After a project is posted on Voice123 during our regular business hours (yes, we also work on weekends), your project is approved within 15 minutes and it can then take as little as 60 minutes for auditions to start arriving. Also, studies done in March 2009, show that voice talents audition for projects 24 hours a day, with the slowest time of day being between 3AM & 5AM EST.

Did you know?
In 2009, we have seen more and more jobs coming to Voice123 than ever before. Just take a look at our Voice123 voice over Project Directory for SmartCast projects, and that directory does not include the 500 to 750 jobs posted in which voice talents were contacted directly for SmartCast Disabled projects.

Did you know?
Voice123 has a shared inbox feature that allows you to easily email your clients a link to your audition inbox. This is a great time-saver!

Did you know?
Voice123 upgraded its servers last weekend to make sure that all in the Voice123 community, enjoy a smoother, faster experience!

Our site has such features to encourage you to post more work on Voice123, the largest & most professional community of voice talents in online casting.

Give Voice123 a try and see for yourself! We know you will enjoy it!

Thank you always!
Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Steven Lowell
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