Monday, August 23, 2010

Community: “What’s Your Brand” The ‘Non-Contest’!

What This Is About and Why?
Did you ever go food shopping and find there are certain types of drink that you must purchase? Did you ever stop and think about why you feel that way? It may just be because of the ‘brand’.

Even though it is tough as humans to think of ‘voices’ as ‘products’, every single voice talent has to have their own ‘brand’ to offer something no one else does, which can be only ‘you’. Simply having amazing talent is not enough, and if you do not know your ‘brand’, the buyer will not figure it out for you.

Share your ‘brand’ with the community, so we can share it with voice seekers!

So! The Non-Contest...Well, it is just about you...
  1. Please go to this forum post on Voice123 Forums.
  2. In 10 words or less, describe your ‘brand’.
  3. Add your image, if you would like. (Please make sure they are originals)
  4. Make sure, you add your demo!!! After all, it is you!
  5. Voice123 will be using your entries to send individually to voice seekers, share on Facebook, and on Twitter.
Decisions on when you will be shared will be decided by community voting on Facebook and Twitter! Keep your eyes open for it!

Now...I am off to get a diet coke; not because I like the taste. In fact, I hate it. But maybe because the silver and red can, and the brand name reminds me of no longer feeling thirsty, much more than the no frills types of soda, which costs less, but I pay more anyway for a brand name. Interesting.

What is your brand making others think about you?

Voice123 Meetups This Week!
Please organize your own, and network with voice talent in your area!

Voice123 Meetup in Bogota!
  • Last Friday, I had the pleasure of talking to Voice123 staff the night of their Voice123 Meetup via web cam! In attendance was voice over coach, Rene Figueroa. (click on the photo)

Thank you!

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