Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Trends: Creating Belief Systems

“The sky may look blue to you, but to me...”
One of the most difficult things about being a voice talent is to face the day-to-day rejection. It just happens, and it is a part of life in this business. Whenever someone deals with something tough, ‘creating a belief system’ is a common reaction. Yet, it is this belief system that remains as a hidden engine to keep us moving forward. In truth, ‘reality’ is determined by ‘what we accepted as reality’.

Think about the following:
  • Positive beliefs will lead to success, somehow, and it takes a great deal of work to find out how.
  • Negative belief systems are easier. The quote, ‘Misery breeds company’ is quite true. It is easier to accept defeat than to keep fighting for what you believe in.

“You say potato...I say po-tah-to”
Having a difference of opinion is what makes us human. The online world is made up of millions of ‘belief systems’. With so much to debate about what you believe works vs. what they believe, just stop and ask yourself:
  • What do I believe?
  • Why do I believe it?
  • Is it helping me get to where I want to be, or holding me back?
The reason for this...
After doing recent surveys on Voice123, we see there are many more people getting work for very large jobs more than ever before. As experienced voice over talent draft their skills to the online world, they tend to lose that spark that made them special because 'they believe' the technology has somehow changed the rules of being creative. It hasn't. All technology does is speed up the process, offer more options, and give direct control to the business process over to you.

What you 'believe' will determine how things work out from here because your beliefs will cause you to make healthy or unhealthy decisions towards being successful online.

Best to you always!

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