Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Updates from Voice123: Happy Halloween!

We hope all is going well! These are just some quick updates from Voice123:

Political Impersonation Contest - Voice seekers and premium subscribers are casting votes this week to give four lucky people a six-month subscription to Voice123, with two winning a possible year on Election Day! Cast your votes here!

Steven's Blog - Apparently, once a week is not enough for me, and I believe there is much to be discussed about Voice123 and the voice over industry. I started a blog of my own to talk about.

Product Development - Currently working on several new developments requested by talent-voice producers, and voice seekers. More info will be made available closer to release date!

Holiday Season approaching Fast - We are also not too far away from the holiday season. Talent-voice producers should be sure to set their profiles 'on vacation', so voice seekers will know who is not available.

Special Forum Category Being Added - There are many charities out there that we all have a special place for in our hearts, so such an addition would be beneficial to those in need.

In the past month, charities like Voice A Thon, or Simon Hill's forum post about a very special charity, Run for One Planet, have shown the world that there are many great individuals on Voice123 who simply care. If you have a special charity or a blog you would like featured there, please add it here! If for some reason, you cannot add it to the forum due to membership status, please send us the info through the customer service email, and we will do it for you.

Voice123 wishes you a safe and Happy Halloween!

Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Steven Lowell
Quality Assurance Manager

Monday, October 27, 2008

Time to Vote! Well...on the forum for now.

Thank you to everyone for participating in the Voice123 Political Impersonation Contest!

It is now time to vote for your favorite!

Just go to this link here to vote.

The impersonations can be found here.

Thank you so much everyone!

Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Steven Lowell
Quality Assurance Manager

Monday, October 20, 2008

Political Impersonation Contest Ends This Friday!

This is a quick note to remind all that the Voice123 Political Impersonation Contest will be ending at midnight EST, this Friday night!

Voting on the best impersonation will begin next week! We hope you have the time to submit an impersonation. There are not many Biden or Obama impersonations submitted, so we hope you can contribute before the contest ends this Friday. There will be 4 winners of a guaranteed free six months on their subscriptions, 6-months per candidate/impersonation winner, with a chance to win a full year free subscription on Election Day.

I would like to thank all those who took the time to add to the Voice123 Premium Forums with this contest, and we wish you the best of luck during voting next week.

Thank you always!

Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Steven Lowell
Quality Assurance Manager

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Helping Children through 'Voice-a-Thon'

Helping the future of the voice over industry starts with our children. Today, we present to you a way you can help students in high-poverty areas with a donation, no matter how small, to the Voice-a-Thon.

The Voice-a-Thon is a joint-effort between Voice123 and Here is how it works:

1. Teachers ask for classroom project materials.
2. Voice123 selects voice and speech-related projects.
3. You choose a project to bring to life.
4. Students learn and thank you with letters and photos.

Click Here to See the Projects and Donate!

Today's public schools often lack the resources for students to receive a proper education. Voice-a-Thon makes it easy for you to make a 'difference', one classroom at a time. You can fund any project that moves you, whether it be microphones or iPods, second graders or sophomores, the Bronx or Nashville.

We hope you find time after auditioning on Voice123 to help our children in need. Of course, your donation is tax-deductible.

"I know of no safe repository of the ultimate power of society but people. And if we think them not enlightened enough, the remedy is not to take the power from them, but to inform them by education." Thomas Jefferson

You can also help by telling your friends about this effort, simply by forwarding this message.

Best regards,

Tania Zapata & Alexander Torrenegra
Founders of Voice123

PS: The Voice-a-Thon is only available to students located in the United States, currently. is working on allowing students from all over the world to ask for your help.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Buying Voice Over Equipment Made Simple!

One of the many questions Voice123 hears from voice over talents is, 'Do you know what the best site is to find equipment for my studio, or how to find training materials?'

So we were happy to help, when a member of Torrenegra Internet Solutions, approached Voice123 for some ideas and opinions on what Voice123 users would like to see. We told Voice123 coaches about it. Now, we are happy to tell you about the release of a new voice over retail website:!

WhereIsTheMic - Voice Over Equipment Store
Gisella Borja, co-founder, has expressed to Voice123 that if you are a coach looking to sell training materials, a voice over talent looking for studio equipment, shopping for pre-amps, or even looking for editing software, this is a great website for you. If you have something you wish to sell, she can arrange the inclusion of your products into the store. The store is already open, feel free to check it out at:

At Voice123, we just hope this site makes it easier to find materials for your voice over career.

Hope you like it!

Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Steven Lowell
Quality Assurance Manager

WhereIsTheMic - Voice Over Equipment Store
Gisella Borja

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Breaking New Records at Voice123!

Voice123 is proud to announce a pair of new broken records in projects posted!

On September 8th, 2008, Voice123 set a record for posting 58 SmartCast projects in one day!

For the month of September, Voice123 approved over 850 SmartCast projects in just 30 days! In the same month, Voice123 also hosted over 1000 SmartCast disabled projects (private projects)!

That's over 1800 voice over jobs for our premium subscribers, not including direct invites! The staff at Voice123 works very hard to make sure that you find voice over work. We want voice over talents to connect with voice seekers, for new projects and future contracts!

We thank you for using Voice123, now boasting a voice seeker satisfaction survey rate of over 90%, achieved through a combination of both the SmartCast technology, and most importantly, the voice over talents who have chosen to use us. See for yourself why posting a project on Voice123 is the most efficient way of find the best voice over talents in the world!

Thank you Voice123 Community!

Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Steven Lowell
Quality Assurance Manager