Friday, January 22, 2010

Using Voice Overs to Turn Lives Around

Last week a voice over talent, Joseph Clark, contacted Voice123 with an interesting idea. As many voice talent on Voice123 know, we have a program offering Voice123 trials to children. You can read about that here from a previous blog.

Joseph Clark approached us with the idea of using such a trial to help Carson Creek High School, a court school within the Sacramento County Boys Ranch. The students are 13 to 18 years old boys that have committed various crimes, and are now looking to turn their lives around. What Mr.Clark seeks is to equip the students in his classes with the information they need to succeed in whatever interests they have pertaining to audio. Whether it be radio, voice over, sound engineering, live sound, etc, he is trying to give them the tools to succeed in a career when they are released. In cooperation with Voice123, he will be using SmartCast to directly invite his profile for one audition per week with his students to give them insight into recording voice overs, and sound engineering; a run-through of the online casting process.

Joseph Clark states:

"One great thing about my class is that students that go through it tend to come back to the ranch less than other students. It is a bright spot for them everyday and many of them do have the talent to work in the audio world in some fashion."

Voice123 has never been approached with such an idea before by voice talent. Back in the '90's, I used to travel around the United States, trying to help teens of similar circumstances, and it remains one of my most rewarding life-experiences. It showed me there truly is no greater reward than to be able to use one's talent to help another person achieve their career goals.

In the spirit of this, we hope all will consider aiding the victims of the earthquakes in Haiti. If you would like advice on how to do so, please visit this link.

Peace and best wishes,

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Voice Over Tips for Reducing 'Online Friction'

'Online friction' is a term used to refer to unexpected problems that occur during a business transaction, while working online. What we offer this week to those who post voice over jobs, are some tips on how to reduce online friction while using Voice123 to find voice talent.

We would like to go through the project form, and help you achieve a better response for your next project!

Project description: State what you 'want' and leave out 'what you do not want'. Stating, 'we do not need an announcer' does not actually indicate what one wants to hear, although it gives a clue. Being descriptive about the project, adding pronunciations, adding directions, and yes, even spelling and grammar will assist you in getting a positive response.

Script: Using a sample of the 'meat' of the script leads to less confusion as to what to audition with, rather than adding the entire script. Also give direction as to what should be read, if necessary.

Parameters of a SmartCast project: If you use the automated system, make sure each parameter is filled out. Voice talent on Voice123 offer varieties of production skill sets. The more detailed, the better our system matches talent to your needs.

If you are one who likes to directly hire talent, our search feature is more helpful, especially when hiring those talent who offer a rare language seen on Voice123, such as Chinese-Mandarin. Take a look here.

Payment methods: Be upfront with 'how you will pay' and you save yourself some friction. Not everyone uses Paypal, and the last thing you want to find out after hiring someone is that they cannot accept your method of payment because of where someone lives.

Listening to demos helps create response: Every project details screen displays a job posters listening behavior for the last six months. Typically, voice talent are less likely to audition when they fear they will not be heard.

Messaging system usage: Always remember to use a link provided in an email to respond to a message, not the reply button. Using the reply button kicks the message back to our system, and sends you a message letting you know it happened.

Ranking system usage: If you post jobs often, or for the first time, leaving rankings helps you reconnect with voice talent you enjoy each time you post a project! You can also use the Preferred Talent feature to ensure you hear from them again, while creating a personalized search list of favorites for yourself. It also helps you communicate to clients, decisions that you have made.

Of course, in all of this, Voice123 understands we must always improve our interface to make for smoother transactions. We know Voice123 is important for building voice over business relationships online, and we would like to make that as simple as possible for everyone.

If you have any feedback you wish to offer us, let us know!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hawaii Voice Over Workshop!

Voice talent and coach Deb Munro will hold an Audition Acrobatics/Voice Pitch Weekend in Hilo, Hawaii, overlooking the Pacific Ocean near the AKAKA Falls, the weekend of April 17th & 18th, 2010. We invite you to take a look at this unique voice over opportunity:

This is a chance to attend a workshop and WIN a FREE 1-year Membership to Voice123. Each participant will also get to practice auditioning via Voice123 during the class.

Mention Voice123 when signing up, and receive $50.00 off any of our workshops.

If you live in Hawaii, even more discounts apply. Returning students will also receive another $50.00 off.

Go to to learn more!

You will create a comprehensive marketing package that will put you one step ahead of the game! This is a full audition workshop that will help you succeed with your auditions, both in person and online, from beginning to end. This is a result-oriented class that will make a difference. This is one of the best workshops ever put together. All sessions recorded and sent home for your review. Also included ABSOLUTELY FREE, 'The Voice Biz Handbook' for each participant.
By Debbie Munro

If you would like to read more news from voice over coaches, please visit here.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Email Bag: 2010 Voice Over Success Story

Yes, that is right! It is just two weeks into 2010, and already I have received wonderful emails from voice over talent expressing success with Voice123. As Voice123 has noticed a return to busier days, we want to share one with you. The voice talent below, wrote me specifically expressing that he wanted to share his story to explain why he stays with Voice123, and requested I do not share his name. If he reads this, I thank him for his generosity.

Please see below:

Hola! Hope your 2010 is starting out well. Wanted to share this with you and feel free to pass it on to Alex and anyone else. I wanted to share yet another example of why - after several years and memberships elsewhere - I belong ONLY to Voice123 now.

This past week has been mind boggling. It started out with a phone call from a client I originally landed through V123 about 3 years ago. I did a few small things for him and then didn't hear anything from him again 'til last week. It'd been over 2 years since I'd done work for him. He wanted an updated message-on-hold. Not a big job, but nice to get.

Then got contacted by ANOTHER former V123 client. They originally found me via your site about 3 years ago and I did some industrials for them and nothing since. They had another project that I banged out for them last week. $350. Then they wrote back and asked for a quote on a fairly huge 2.5 hour narration. I quoted $3000 and they said go for it.

THEN, got hired by a guy Friday on your site that I think was using the site for the first time ever... 25 minute phone patch session for a 4 minute read. $500.

AND... got a direct invite from another V123 seeker wanting me to do a live in-studio session here in (my home state) this week or next. Not sure but I THINK it's a $350 job.

I can deal with this! Yes, there are peaks and valleys and I can only WISH every week was like this, but I sure never found this type of success on any of the other online sites.

I'm so pleased with Voice123 now. I know I was an outspoken critic a while back, but no more. I'm one of your biggest fans. Thanks for helping me earn a nice living and helping me to continue to grow my business.

Voice123 wishes to express to all voice talent, including this very talent above, that we recognize the hard work you put into your careers. We are truly a vehicle, and the community is the driving force. We are happy to be here as a way to connect you to voice seekers on a daily basis, and assist all of you with your voice over careers. Please feel free to contact us anytime should you wish to share stories of voice over success with Voice123!

Important note: If you are interested in helping the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, especially if you speak Haitian-Creole, please click this forum link and see how you can contribute. Every effort helps.

Peace to all of you,

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Photo by Maestro

Friday, January 08, 2010

Midwest Looping for Major Motion Picture Voice Over Event!

A great class has come to our attention and with Teri Clark Linden's approval, we are telling you about it!

"Linden Lewis Looping presents…a MIDWEST LOOPING FOR MAJOR MOTION PICTURE EVENT on Sunday, January 17th, 2010!
  • INTRO TO LOOPING: 10:00AM-1:30PM($150)
  • Save $25 and pay for the full day at $275.
LOCATION: RMS STUDIOS, Birmingham, MI Click here for info on the professional voice over studio being used for this event.

REQUIREMENTS: At least one experience behind a MICROPHONE (work or training). Participants must have listened to the looping sections on the accompanying CDs from Pamela's book, TALKING FUNNY FOR MONEY (available through Amazon) prior to the event. Participants will be required to bring the book to the event, as a looping exercise will be used for warm-up.

REQUIREMENTS: Must have taken Intro to Looping training with Pamela, and bring TALKING FUNNY FOR MONEY to event. Both events are limited to 12 PARTICIPANTS & COPIES OF RECORDINGS PROVIDED.

Light refreshments will be served in the morning and afternoon!

You may contact Teri Clark Linden at INFO@TERICLARKVOICEOVER.COM or call 248-421-0681.

REGISTRATION & PAYMENT must be made by JANUARY 11TH to guarantee spot. Checks, money order, and Paypal accepted."

Looping is great work that I know keeps many voice talent working everyday! We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity!

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