Friday, August 27, 2010

Special Community News: ‘VH’ Celebrates 1st Birthday!

An up and coming website, VoiceOver Hispano, a voice talent community of Spanish voice talent run by Carlos Estanga, is very proud to celebrate one year of operation on August 28th, 2010!

In the past three years, the entire voice over talent community has truly gone ‘global’, as more talent go online each day to find voice over work on Voice123, and community support from sites like VH, Voice123, and many others. The world is so small in fact that staff member of Voice123, Giselle Geney, was able to reach Mr.Estanga via skype for an interview about this special day!

To read the full interview, please go to this forum post. Quote from interview:

  • “I think everything is changing as people are becoming more familiar with computers and Internet. A voice over talent depends on a computer to be able to get some work. That’s something we need to have very clear: We cannot do a thing without a computer these days. If there’s no computer in a studio we cannot record properly; if you don’t travel with your computer, with your laptop, you can’t respond to any jobs. These things have developed a sense of trust between technology and VO talent. There’s a sort of marriage. We cannot get divorced of the technology reality.”

We hope all voice talent will recognize the growing global community of voice talent this weekend, and celebrate along with VH!

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