Friday, June 04, 2010

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Voice Over Tech Tips: Breathing a problem for you behind the mic?

Did you ever listen closely to your audition, and notice that in between sentences you suddenly hear a quick inhale, exhale, or maybe clicks? Voice123 talent, Greg Vautour, writes in our Voice123 forums, 'Is breathing getting in the way of work'. This is a great forum discussion about the various types of software, and technology, voice talent are using to record and edit auditions on Voice123.

WANTED: Audio and Copy Reading Tips!

While the demand for great audio quality has always been a necessity, media has become a 'world stage', so finding out what people think of your demos or copy reading (even if for just a little 'morning coffee reassurance') is always helpful. Check out this forum post by voice talent, Stevan Speheger of Voice123.

Generally Speaking: Higher Paying Gigs

If you have ever looked through a daily summary, or the project directory, you will notice the production requirements, such as ISDN, Source Connect, Phone Patch, or FTP, are usually requested for better paying gigs. However, if you look closely at the forum post, you will find varying opinions as to 'why this happens'. Don't be intimidated by technological acronyms! See this forum post here!

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Carlos Sanabria said...

Steve, Hi! I have a question about Voice123. I'm now signed in but don't find an option to upload mi voice demo like a voice over. ¿How can I do it? I hope your answer. I'm new in Voice123. Thanks!