Thursday, May 27, 2010

Voice123 Community News! Voice Over 'Rope-A-Dope'!

The Voice Talent!
This week, we would like to share the story of Marcus Weems, voice over talent on Voice123.

The 'Knockdown Attempts' and 'Rope-A-Dope'!
Over the course of a year on Voice123, Marcus Weems faced many 'audition and hear nothing' jabs, followed by a few 'Finalist, but not hired' left hooks! After a year of not being able to land one spot, he still managed to stay strong, stayed on his feet, and when the world got tired of trying to knock him down, he finally got the chance to do his 'Voice Over Rope-A-Dope'!

He persisted and maintained a positive resolve. Then suddenly, he booked a Voice123 job last week and another one the following week. In one such instance, he mentioned his new voice over website. The crowd went CRAZY over his many character voices. Shortly, after writing to Voice123, he was offered an audio book contract last. May 2010 turned out to be a strong comeback! Cheers to his continued success!

The 'Voice Coach in His Corner'
Marcus Weems was first introduced to Voice123 via a 30-day Premium Trial, offered by voice coach Bettye Zoller in cooperation with the Voice123 Coach Partner Program. After reaching out to Bettye for comment, she stated that two of her referred students to Voice123 have called her recently to:
"excitedly tell me (Bettye Zoller) of the repeat business he is getting from one client. Clients use us again and again. Another student tells me that he won a job on Voice123, and that the PAYPAL money was in his email BEFORE he could get back home to do the job that day. He got paid before he voiced it. WOW!"
If you are a voice over coach, or a voice talent currently studying with a coach, please take a look at our coach partner program and contact Giselle Geney at to learn more!

'The Most Important Thing...'
Voice talent write us quite often and ask, 'What is the most important thing to be in voice overs?'. If you are just starting out, or maybe just in a bit of a dry slump, I still believe the most important thing one MUST always have is a positive support group. Voice coaches are helpful in providing this, as well as, Voice123 forums. Simply put, you need people around you, who understand why you do voice overs, and what you need to succeed in a very competitive field!

Thank you always!

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Steven Lowell
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Linda Naylor said...

Hey Marcus, I could have written that article, except that I have had some success with Voices 123. I, like you,am a Bettye groupie. She is just so good, and so genuine. I look forward to seeing you, Thursday, at RRR and saying Howdy Do. Linda

Donald said...

I'm kind of following along on Marcus's trail as I too went my first year without a gig. I took a couple of months off of active subscription then got back into the mix and almost imediately, my first job doing a movie trailer voice for a pretty cool production company in your neck of the woods - Absolute Events. Since then several (tied for 1st's or 2nd's) recent good showings to keep me focused on the prize. I also have to admit I learned a few things from your Thursday on line class which I wish I would've participated in last year, but no regrets; all is good. I've been telling my colleagues and friends what a great platform is for aspiring Voice Talent and what do I see this morning? - three of their faces showing up on your FB Fan page. Keep up the great work and I'll check in when I get my next gig worth mentioning. Thanks, Steve!