Monday, June 21, 2010

Voice123 Community News: Worldly Updates!

Great Time for a Voice123 Meetup!
It is always a nice surprise to find out your neighbor may be doing voice over work from home! Take a look at all the Voice123 Meetups from five countries around the world! If there are no options near you, start one in your area! We at Voice123 are also looking into attending Voice123 Meetups started by all of you, to see if we can attend more of them, and connect with the community! The great thing about these Meetups; perhaps realizing that the voice over community is much larger than you had ever expected! So...

Join or organize a Voice123 Meetup NOW!

Voice Coaches: Use Voice123 Meetups & Find New Talent!
Voice123 Meetups are a great way for you to meet with interested voice over students! The location is up to you, and even if the smallest of coffee shops can be perfect! Take this example from Gary Terzza, who currently has the largest Voice123 Meetup (so far)! You can take a quick look at right here.

Gary Terzza is also a member of the Voice123 Coach Partner Program (read more here), based out of London, UK. If you happen to be a voice talent in London, attend and see what other Voice123 talent from the United Kingdom are up to these days! Also attending, Voice123 talent, Jay Britton, a great contributor to Voice123 community forums, and currently auditioning on Voice123, as well as other great voice talent!

Speaking of Voice123 Talent...
Wonderful news arrived about Voice123 talent, Javier Fernández-Peña. You can read about it here. Just an update: He just finished filming an interview with us about a great job he booked as the role of Spanish Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 3 by PIXAR; a job landed through Voice123. His role in the film has been getting him a great deal of attention, and the movie has been getting very strong reviews online! The movie (Toy Story 3) opened in the United States over just this past weekend and was just short of being the top grossing film for the weekend! He had written us today to let us know the interview filming was complete, and is excited about sharing it with everyone!

'It's a small world after all!'

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