Monday, June 14, 2010

Voice123 Community News: Seven is Your Lucky Number!

Back in June 2003, the very first profile was created on In the past 7 years, close to 125,000 voice talent profiles and 50,000 voice seeker profiles have been created, making it the largest voice over community of online professionals.

To celebrate, we are beginning a community effort initiative to strengthen the Voice123 community and help professionals build stronger, successful voice over careers.

To start off, Voice123 encourages the community of Talents and Voice Producers to meet up everywhere.

What is a Voice123 Meetup?
  • A meeting among Voice123 members, just like you, to meet face to face and share experiences working in the voice over industry.
  • Voice123 Meetups are free, and are scheduled by any Voice123 active community member by using this link.
Myself, I am also looking to attend such Meetups whenever possible to share my insight about online casting, as a former voice talent with Voice123, now equipped with information to share information with you to help you work online.

Some Incentives to give you online exposure:
  • You and your Voice123 Meetup will be promoted via Voice123 blog, Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube (should you choose to film any portion of the event).
  • The best photos and videos of Voice123 Meetup events, will be uploaded to our Social Media channels.
  • We at Voice123 will work on incentives that we will encourage you to meetup and actively participate in the Voice123 community.
How Do You Set Up a Voice123 Meetup?
  • Organizers must be an active voice talent/producers of Voice123.
  • Organizers should include details of the location and the date of the meetup.
  • Organizers are responsible for Meetup logistics regarding selected locations.
  • Attendees must RSVP to the meetup they want to attend via the Voice123 Meetup event page (if they are active Voice123 members we suggest including their complete Voice123 profile).
  • Voice123 has the right to retract any offer or remove meetups at anytime, if the integrity of our brand has been compromised, or created by unathorized members.
  • Attendees under their responsibility

Best regards,

Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace

Steven Lowell
Community Manager
Voice123 Premium Forums
Voice123 Youtube Channel
Twitter: @voice123


Roger Bourassa said...

Happy anniversary Steven and thanks for such a great website. It really helps professional voice-over talents.

Roger Bourassa, french canadian voice-over talent
Montreal, Canada

The Voice123 Team said...

Thank you Roger!

Timoth Fritts said...


Thank you so much for such a helpful and informative website. It is a great resource for those trying to break into the business and also a wonderful place to hone one's craft.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Timothy Fritts

Eluv said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Steven and Voice 123 Team!!
Much Gratitude for everything you and your team have done and continue to do! You have created an amazing resource for voice talent and voice seekers. Thank you for your excellence in customer service, creating such a fantastic web interface that is easy to use.... and for all your work in helping to build a community of like minded individuals. It is all deeply appreciated.

Love and Gratitude,
Blessings Eluv

Carmen said...

Happy birthday Voice123! - And my most sincere wishes for many many years of success for the whole Voice123 team and voice over community!