Monday, June 28, 2010

Voice123 Community: Meeting People Behind The Voices!

11 Countries Around the World!
There are many Voice123 Meetups to join and organize! Some of the Voice123 Staff will be holding their Voice123 Meetup in New York City, which you can see right here! We are looking forward to meeting all the great Voice123 talent attending! We are truly excited to meetup with members of the Voice123 community! If you happen to be a voice talent in the area, this Voice123 Meetup in Bogota, Colombia will be of special interest to you, too!

“You Are Not Alone!”
It is truly the time to begin thinking the world is your neighborhood! I discovered other Voice123 members lived in Staten Island, New York; the ‘forgotten borough’! I thought I was alone out here! It was wonderful to meetup with Claudette Vergara, a Voice123 talent, who just completed studying with Valerie Smaldone at School of Visual Arts in NYC. A few surprise guests showed up who were interested in Voice123, and had seen my Voice123 Meetup online. Brian and Ryan are studying to be stand-up comics and Sarah works in communications; all of them in New York City. They wanted to ask me dozens of questions about how Voice123 works. We did, of course, celebrate Voice123’s 7th birthday at the close of the Voice123 Meetup!

Not Sure How This Works?
No worries! Take a moment to read over The Official Meetup HQ Blog. You will get some great ideas on how to organize your own and meet other voice artists like yourself! Have fun with it! It is a great, inexpensive way to organize and meetup with people from your industry. This industry is a great deal more enjoyable when you are surrounded by others, who offer positive support to succeed in the best career out there today!

Thank you always!

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