Thursday, June 17, 2010

Voice123 Community News: Busy Tonight? See a Voice123 Talent at the Movies!

Make a Date to See a Voice123 Talent in Toy Story 3!
We were very excited to learn this week that PIXAR had used Voice123 to hire Javier Fernandez-Peña to be the voice of Spanish Buzz Lightyear for Disney's new film Toy Story 3!

See a small clip here!

We are very excited for him, and hope you are, too! Next week, we will be filming an interview with Javier to share the entire story of how this job came to be! Please keep an eye out for it! In the meantime, we hope you and the family can take the kids to see great voice over work in action, and support fellow Voice123 talent!

Great Time for a Meetup!

This is also a great time to use a Voice123 Meetup! Take a look at all the Voice123 Meetups from four countries around the world, and start one in your area! There is also a Meetup scheduled by the Voice123 staff in Latin America, and from a former voice talent customer service agent from Voice123, now doing an internship in Stuttgart, Germany. We are also looking into attending meetups started by all of you, to see if we can attend more of them, and reconnect with the community!

Create or join a Voice123 Meetup NOW!

Comm-'YOU'-nity Initiative!

Do you have 'How to...' videos from your workday, a special story that you think the community will benefit from reading, or maybe just voice over news you would like to announce? Perhaps an agency picked you up last week? If so, please let us know! You may also discuss it here in our Voice123 forums!

Stick around! More by 'YOU' coming soon!

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