Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tips For Voice123 Profiles: 'Thinking Outside the Box to Check Boxes'

Have you ever opened a Daily Summary or Weekly Summary and thought, 'Why did I not get invited to this?'. A misconception with some using Voice123 is the belief that the text in your profile plays a part in the SmartCast matching process. The text content of your profile is helpful for being found in search features, such as the one we offer for Voice123 Premium Subscribers, and of course, Google. Regretfully, some believe the best way to handle such situations to get invited more is to check off all boxes. These eager folks may be unaware that they show up in searches that have interested buyers thinking, 'Huh?'. So, how do you make sure you show up in search engines that do not confuse a possible voice seeker wanting to hire you, or increase your ability to be invited for SmartCast jobs?

Think outside the box!

'Help Yourself Be Found While Removing Burden':
Do not short-change yourself on recording capability, and pre/post-production capability, both in Voice Details and My Demos sections of your profile:

  • If you do not have a home studio, but know someone who does, set up an agreement with them to record when hired.

  • This may be easier to do in major markets like Los Angeles, NYC, Atlanta, or London. Understand, just like any store, you offer a product; your 'voice over talent'. The more equipment, the more buyer options. Have you ever walked out of a store because they did not take your type of credit card? It is the same thought process. The voice talent who offer more choices do, in fact, have an advantage.

  • If you do not, and know you can rent a studio, do not burden a buyer with explanations of your heroic tales of what you went through, or why you charge more. These are the best stories to tell colleagues who understand, yes, but because voice seekers do not know you they will actually feel they are troubling you, and use the next person who says, 'I'll take care of it!'.

Does this mean you have to think about studio rental, and cannot provide quick turnaround time?

  • Yes, because some jobs ask for voice over work within 6 hours, occasionally, but that is the disadvantage to being without a studio to record at home. However, in this day and age, everyone is able to provide final delivery by email, FTP, or mail.

Does this mean 'Voice123 says, 'Get phone patch, Source Connect, and ISDN!'?

  • No, not at all. There are many voice talent working without this on Voice123, and there are so many talented professionals skilled at using these, it is best to take the time to learn how to use it before offering it, or evaluate if you even need it.

What 'not' to do?

  • Over-promise by checking off boxes of things you cannot or will not do. It is the equivalent to lying on a resume. Offer what you can offer to complete a job; not what you are practicing. In a global casting environment, your profile and demos work as your spokesperson 24/7! You want it to say the right things to the right people when they post a project or use the Voice123 search feature!

For more info on setting up a profile, see this forum post!

Thank you always!

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Honesty will never give you trouble, at any job or dealing with any type of situation. Great article!