Thursday, July 01, 2010

Voice123 Community News: 'Getting to Know You!'

"If Your Ever Down in Texas, Look Her Up!"
Bettye Zoller, one of the most well-known voice over coaches, and also a member of the Voice123 Coach Partner Program, is holding her own Meetup that you can read all about here. We are pleased that she took the time to organize a Meetup through our Voice123 Meetup Page, as she currently has her own Meetup group calendar. Bettye has been mentioned several times throughout the history of the Voice123 blog, and is tied to many voice talent who find voice over work on Voice123.

Voice123 Meetups Taking Shape!
This past week, the Voice123 staff had the honor and privilege to meet with Voice123 voice talent, both from Bogota, Colombia, and New York City!
Truly, the best part about it was having the opportunity to speak face to face with voice talent. We got an inside look into the daily events these voice talent experience, and had wonderful discussions about ways to improve Voice123, and their auditioning methods.

Please take a look at the Voice123 Facebook Page for photos and other Voice123 blogs! Thank you to the following Voice123 talent. It was great to Meetup with you!

We also wish to thank all of the organizers who held their meetups this past week! If you have any photos or videos to share, please let us know!

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FaffCon! "The Very First 'Unconference' For Voice Over Professionals?"
  • That is right! Do not adjust your spell-check! It is not a typo! Voice123 Talent, Amy Snively, let us know last week about an event she is working on with several voice over talent called FaffCon! You can read more about it here!
Thank You Always!

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