Friday, November 12, 2010

Your Chance To Replace The Term 'Remote Voice Talent'!

Back on October 22, 2010, announced a contest:

“What Would You Call Yourself?”

We received 30 replies, and now it is time for you, the Voice123 Community, to vote for your favorite! You can do so on this survey below, or Voice123 Facebook, or Twitter! Leave your name and be entered into a drawing to win 6-months free on Voice123!

Click here to vote for your favorite below!
  • InWeb Voice Talent
  • WWW V/O Talent On Demand (Waiting World-Wide)
  • "Voice Talent".
  • on call talent
  • Cybervoice
  • freelance voice
  • Domestic Voice Artist
  • Independent Voice-Over Artist
  • Independent Voice Over Specialist
  • Home Voice Flair
  • freelance voice actor
  • echoes from everywhere
  • "Global Village Talent"
  • Distance Voicer Talent
  • Globally Accesible Voice Artist "GAVA"
  • Independent Voice Talent
  • Voices from the Cloud
  • Voice Solutions Specialist
  • Voice Talent
  • "stay-at-home" voice-over artist (you know, like "stay-at-home" mom - although we all do go out and work in the world, too, right?
  • Home based voice talent
  • iTalent
  • Voice talent on air
  • Independent Voice Artist
  • inter-linked voice talent
  • Domesticated Voice Talent or Voice Talent Solopreneur
  • Global Voice Artist or Global Voice Talent
  • Voice teleworker
  • Fat guy in his underwear voice talent
  • Independent Voice Actors
Don't Forget to Check Back!
The winners will be announced next week, along with the winner of the Voice123 Youtube Video ‘Show Some Like’ Contest, currently in action, and announced on the October 18th blog!

Thank you for being a part of the Voice123 Community!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

None of the terms in the poll are even close to describing what we do. We ( story tellers = v/o s ) are the opposite of "remote" We are in your ear, as close as your computer - and thro' voice 123 we can do it for everybody in the world. We are everywhere and in your heart by slipping messages in through your ears. But how do you put that into a three word term. Can I offer " global story tellers to the list to vote for next time. Hi from New Zealand where it's only 11pm but its tomorrow. Cheers SWEETO