Wednesday, November 17, 2010

QA Talk: Boo? NO!...Hiss? Yes.

Voice123 screens auditions for audio quality to make sure that your audition get to the client sounding the way you expected!

This past week, we were looking for topics to discuss that were ‘real-time’ and could directly help anyone who experiences audio issues. A member from QA spoke up and mentioned, ‘Just this past week, we have noticed an increase in auditions with hissing noise’.

The Voice123 Community of talent is the most professional group of voice talent online, so this may not apply to everyone. If you have been experiencing audio issues lately, there are amazing forum posts from the voice community to help you!

David Swineheart offers advice regarding ambient noise!

JS Gilbert and a voice seeker chyme in to assist Kim Somers!

Here’s a discussion on Preamps, and what that can do for you!

Hey! Note from me!
I would like all in the Voice123 community to know that when we disapprove auditions like this one, it is nothing personal. As a voice talent who once used the site, I have learned that, beyond technology, if an extra set of “ears” is not looking out for the community (did that make sense?), more harm is done than good. There are very talented professionals who come on Voice123, but may not be used to home recording yet, and we want everyone to succeed. If something is disapproved, you will be emailed immediately, or within 15 minutes.

We look to build trust with the Voice123 Community, so you can have a job resource site you can believe in.

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