Monday, November 22, 2010

Community: Worldly Voice Coach Information

This week, Voice123 wants to mention voice coaches that we have been in contact with over the past week about joining our Coach Partner Program. If you have done voice coaching on how to use Voice123, and have success stories from you or your students, we would especially love to hear from you! Coaches this week!

Marc Graue out of Burbank, California!
If you love animation, there is an animation class coming up you should know about!

Mona Shetty out of India!
If you go to Facebook @Voice123, you will see the communication going back and forth. See more by clicking on the image.

Michelle Falzon out of Michigan
Her voice can be heard on many of the 'ShakeWeight for Women' infomercials. These videos have been viewed over 3 million times on youtube, and featured on talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Ellen. Michelle attended a ‘How To Use Voice123’ training back when she first started on the site. She does very well on Voice123 for both SmartCast and her repeat business from SmartCast auditions, as well as, working elsewhere. Her type of training involves, ‘How to Work Online’. There is also a Meetup in Sterling Heights, Michigan, which needs an organizer, and venue!

David Zema out of New York City
He contacted us for ideas on Voice123 Meetups! Voice123 organized a Meetup at his studio to discuss soundproofing and recording.

Please take a look!

It will be a pleasure to meetup and discuss voice overs face-to-face!

About Meetups...
Voice123 has attended Meetups for various industries, including voice overs. If you are not sure how to organize a Voice123 Meetup, or not sure what to do after you have decided to organize a Meetup, please take a look at this blog:

25 Best Practices from a Meetup Organizer

Quote of the Week:
"Playing the game is not about hoping the QB throws you the ball more. It is about making big plays each time the ball is thrown to you, you catch it, and you know what to do next".
- Lynn Swan, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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