Monday, November 29, 2010

Community: Some Good News For a Monday!

Always fun to report Good News of Job Bookings! This week’s comes from someone you may know very well: Zurek!

The job posting...

Why it was a good idea to audition for it...
Many who equate ‘dollar amount in budget’ with ‘value of job’ may want to think twice. The value in this job comes from its:

1. Professional script and description using industry lingo
2. The seeker has been on the site since January 2008 and posted before
3. In ALL the jobs posted on Voice123, the voice seeker listened to 100% of the auditions!

If you are one who ponders, ‘Why does no one listen to my audition?’, keep all this info in mind because it is displayed for all voice over talent on every project!

Thank you to Zurek for sharing this with us!

Quick news!
We hope to see you this Friday at The Voiceover Mixer being held in Times Square, or at this Voice123 Meetup in NYC on December 10th!

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