Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Voice For Every Need: Voices for Documentaries

Did you ever need someone to translate the feeling behind something that is happening, or has happened in the past? If so, you need someone who has great voice talent, combined with a unique ability to be sensitive about the topic of your documentary, and transmit the 'grit' behind the topic!

Have you heard of that beautiful city, that great hero, the way they built that gigantic bridge, or how the space was conquered? If so, you may have noticed the common link in all of them... the documentary voice over, that voice that keeps people on their seats waiting for the commercials to be over and listen to more.

With close to 90,000 voice over talents registered to Voice123, you have thousands of specialized options to choose for your documentary.

Post a voice over project now! Listen to those that best suit your project in just a couple of hours, contact them right away, and get your project going!

Check out the documentary demos of our talents!

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