Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tips: Saving Some Dough, Make More Bread

Working at Voice123, our staff gets to see the way businesses hire voice talent, and how Voice123 talent are forever changing the ways they deliver work.

We have a new one today, and for those who think, ‘ISDN needs to be replaced’, it is already happening! Saving money on not using services like ISDN is better for your bottom line, and better for the voice talent you hire; less tech costs more payment for labor!

Here is what we are talking about!

Now, one can easily say, ‘You just wont get the same quality’, and to that we say:

  • “Saying no to technology will set you back for when Skype or Google perfects it, and it is offered at no cost; then the expectation is that you must know how to use it.”

Skype also displays technical information (click that image above), which is helpful for recordings, even if simply using a phone patch. You can read more here.

Skype is also FREE.

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