Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Website Usage: Voice Over Job QA

This is long, but worth it. The online world is a much safer place to find work. There is a growing responsibility each day in all websites, not just Voice123, to pay attention to the 'small things' that take place in the voice over community.

There are two types of Quality Assurance at Voice123 when one has posted a voice over job:

  • Proactive: Using proven experience to stop things before they happen.
  • Reactive: Fixing issues when something new has happened and must be corrected.

Quality Assurance is done for several areas:
  • Profile content
  • Voice over demos on the profile
  • Voice over auditions
  • Voice seekers and voice talent website problems
  • Voice over projects
  • Customer service

How it works:
  • Profile content is screened for typical things like spam, or damaging content that could affect our ranking on search engines. Profiles are also screened to make sure that the person's profile belongs to them, only, and no one else. The reason for this comes from past experiences with profiles that lacked truth or integrity, which is something that is costly to all members of the Voice123 community.

  • Voice over demos are screened to make sure that the audio quality is good. We do not screen the copy read. We also watch for problems that affect the professionalism of Voice123. This may seem somewhat 'harsh', but we have over 125,000 users, and not all understand the importance of online professional behavior.
  • Voice over auditions are screened for spam and audio quality. Spam is considered the 'junk mail' of the Internet; basically the 'I did not ask for this. Why are you sending it?' type of file. If a demo cannot be heard, or there is significant background noise, it is sent back to the voice talent, and the voice talent is emailed that there was a problem, and to send it again. As a rule, if an audition is not sent to the client, for any reason, the voice talent will be notified immediately to fix any issues. We do not do 'creative QA' for copy reading, as we play no role in the hiring process.

  • Voice seeker and voice talent quality assurance is both proactive and reactive. There have been isolated cases of payment disputes, undelivered work, website abuse, dropped communication between parties, and poor online behavior. This has to be attended to at all times. Most of these QA issues are reported to me personally, but our entire team can be reached through Customer Service.

  • Voice over projects require quality assurance because, even though the voice seeker interface offers a wide variety of explanations as to how to help a voice seeker request voice talent, not all understand the process, or know how to fill things out to get the best results. We do our best to help in such situations.

  • Customer Service QA has a technical end to it that many seekers may not know. When your project is maybe being ignore, or someone is not listening, our CRM tool (Live Person) tells us! That is when we reach out to you and try to help! It helps us manage many accounts at once, and is one of the most challenging part of this job!

Yet, if your ever find something is not right, please grab hold of us on Live Chat!

Oddly, QA has been made a great deal easier because of social media. Someone is always talking about something, and we can always see it! Almost all businesses using Voice123 have a social media profile on Twitter, Linkedin, or Facebook. Given that one-sixth of the world uses the Internet, all you have to do is talk to someone online, or search Google, and you will find out who you are working with.

Post a project and find out what makes us so special!

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