Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Usage Tip: Leave Myopia For Web Utopia

This type of website usage tip is part 6 in an on-going series of tips to help Voice123 talent work online. It covers the methods to working online that I have seen NOT get voice talent work. Try to follow me...'Deep thoughts' warning.

Where is 'Myopia'?
I consider ‘Myopia’ to be ‘The Land of Believing That Everything We Feel Must Be What The World Feels’, when all we truly have done is created our own world. Anyone who travels a great deal has experienced this. For example:
  • You leave the hustle and bustle of your daily life, and go to some far away country where their main concerns are completely different. Then, you return home to realize that friends and neighbors, who never took a break from the daily grind, still believe their grind is ‘what is happening in the world’.
When it comes to professional relationships and voice over work, the scope of 'how' talent get work these days has changed so dramatically, that if one person says to another, ‘Do this and your career is over.’, or ‘Do this and everyone will love it.’, this person probably is living in Myopia. Myopia is also the 'Land of Simple Solutions', which never work online, and making judgments before knowing the entire story i.e. Making a decision on how one personally feels. Do people in Myopia get work? Of course they do! But do they limit their opportunities based on the opinions of other members of Myopia, hurting their abilities to work in the future? They will never know.

Web Utopia...and the Website Usage Tip
Regardless of what anyone says, you can create your own world within Web Utopia. Myopians may not understand you, but then again, that is the way of their land, so it becomes a matter of, ‘Who do you wish to surround yourself with?’. Web Utopians think in a manner that is grand, and worldly. They listen, yet rarely care what people have to say when it is negative. They do not label what they do because to label is to set limitations. They also know to sit in one place and condemn another Web Utopian’s method is wasteful energy because they are focusing on building their land.

Not to long ago, I spoke to people from the voice over industry in Canada, Europe, and the USA, and most of them had no idea online casting existed:

  • The ‘Myopian’ may respond: “You don’t know? What is wrong with you?"
  • ’The ‘Web Utopian’ would respond: “Let me tell you about it. I think you will like it.”

Strange Words...
Yes, I made words up for this blog. There is no need to share Webster’s Dictionary links to correct me. I was illustrating one simple point:

  • ‘If you believe you can do voice overs, or believe you cannot do voice overs because of what someone else says; either way you are correct.’

Remember this the next time you get behind the mic!

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