Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Usage Tips: Making Sure They Hear You

As part of the series of blogs for 'Usage Tips', this week I am bringing you a Voice123 website usage tip for all those out there who believe 'not being heard' is an uncontrollable symptom of working online!

Usage Tip #2: Making sure you are ‘heard’!

This is a simple one. Go to the bottom of every project details page, and you will see a link, ‘Click here to learn more about this seeker’.

It will take you to this page.

Inside that link, you will see a number that displays their listening behavior from the last six months of project posting, and even can see older projects they posted.

Getting to the point!
  • If the seeker is typically listening to 80% or more of their auditions received, this is someone who will give you comfort that your audition will be heard.
  • If the project is constantly being re-posted, and you are constantly invited, DO NOT audition unless the description of the project has somehow changed dramatically.
  • Why? They heard you, or someone else, and realized, 'My client did not want to go in this direction.'
  • They also may wonder if you are aware your name repeatedly shows up in the same project.

Last set of variables...

  • If the person is posting a job for the first time, of course there is no listening behavior on record.
  • When that is the case, look at the project description and script.
  • See if you can find info about the company using your web browser.
  • Try to spot common industry lingo. (e.g. Need a VO for a :30 and :60)

Let all of the data on project details page convince you:
  • ‘This is a voice over job I want to be a part of, now and for the future.’
If it is not convincing:
  • Remember being picky determines future traffic on the site, and pass on it.
I will be sharing more in the coming weeks, and my goal is to get everyone back behind the mic, focused on being creative and fearless! I know it makes a difference.

Keep an eye/ear out for it!
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