Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Usage Tip For Voice Job Posting: Enough Already

At Voice123, we do our best to make sure that all business transactions occur without the possible issue of someone saying, "Oh, I must have missed that email.” As a person posting a job you may get several follow-up emails, making sure you have reached the talent.

Unfortunately, given the importance of each voice project to everyone involved in the community, and the quirky nature of Internet spam filters, we take such measures as a safety net to keep everyone communicating. We do hope you understand that it has helped more times than it has led to one saying, ‘Enough already!’. SO...

"Yes. I had enough."
If you have had enough of our email system looking out for you, you can:
  • Click the link in that reminder email, which asks if the message was answered
  • Write us and let us know you would like to "Opt-out of mailing lists"

For some more fun! Brand of the Week!
For those who love to study branding, we bring you a new brand created by a Voice123 community member this week, Paul J. Rose; also found here!

Thanks for using Voice123! If you ever have any questions, please stop by our Live Chat!

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