Monday, September 27, 2010

Community News: Meetup News Galore!

Voice123 Meetups are taking place throughout the voice over industry! Whether it be big or small, there is nothing more important than meeting people who work in an industry that you have a passion for, yourself.

We want to take this day to promote Voice123 Meetups!
Voice123 coach, Bettye Zoller, holds meetups every month in Dallas, Texas! The next two meetings are on October 14th and November 9th. She gave her Meetups a theme:
  • "Setting Goals and Achieving Dreams"
Bettye states, “We are "The Official Voice123 Meetup Group in Dallas! We have 48 members now, and it is growing all the time!"

Coming up tonight!
Bill Brewer has 28 members in his Oklahoma City MeetUp and Voice123 Meetup group.
The owner of RK One studios will be a guest speaker.

Speaking of Themes...
Voice123 Meetups can be held anywhere, but if you are looking for some ideas, why not try the following:
  • Meetup in a voice studio to discuss reading copy!
  • Meetup to discuss how your studio was built!
  • Meetup to practice some copy with other voice talent and get some feedback!
  • Meetup and talk about how you, as a voice talent, use Voice123.

Please organize a Voice123 Meetup for yourself!

If you are in and around the New York City area, we would love to attend one of your Voice123 Meetups!

Thanks for reading!

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BJS said...

I think meetups are a great opportunity to network, exchange experiences, discuss recent jobs and of course meet other VOs. One thing I would love to discuss is, where my VO colleagues draw the line on what projects/gigs, jobs they will or will not do.

Will you do a job for a republican candidate for office if you yourself are a democrat? How about a gig for a religious organization if you are an atheist? I came upon this job today: LTK152048508110X. It is a job for a natural gas outfit (driller?). Given the controversy surrounding drilling for natural gas (fracking), the surface pollution and documented poisoning of underground water sources in Colorado and Wyoming, I asked myself if I would do it. How about you?

Bernard Schaer