Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Usage Tip: Say What You Want Know What to Believe

This is part three of our series of usage tips for better success while working online in voice overs! This week’s Usage Tip?

Understanding what really happens, regardless of what is said, and making it work for You!

Some thoughts...

  • Do you know that section of the profile called My Demos?
  • Did you know studies show it takes only 3 to 20 seconds before someone completely gives up on a website?
  • If that mouse click did not turn out to be what you said it would be, regardless of ability, what do you think will happen?

How To Make This Work For You:

  • Take your compilation demo, or your regular demo, and edit it down to 20-second spots.
  • If the recording category is audiobooks for your demo, when that mouse-click happens, and they hear something other than the stated category, they will pass.
  • SO...That 60-second demo you created offline...upload three :20 targeted spots to that category.

Why do this?

  • Online, you simply need to be found in Voice123’s search feature, and Google, but you cannot compromise integrity, or be dishonest.
  • The more you are found in searches, and your demos are what they say they are, the better.
  • Funny...not much different from offline casting; just a different business tool .

Things about Voice123 you may not know:

  • The SmartCast software and job posting process was indeed set up to be very user-friendly for Union jobs and agents, in order to connect them to the right voice talent.
  • They do use it; we just wished a little more, if not always.
  • What this means for you: Profile integrity and demo quality are of great importance.
The software is set up to build a more professional voice marketplace. Stay true to what you want, and over the course of a year, you will find people reaching out to you, that you may have been told did not use online casting.

Why does no one talk about it online? kept secrets usually work that way in a competitive industry.

All the best to you!

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