Monday, July 19, 2010

Voice123 Community Spotlight! ‘Living With A Voice Actor During World Cup: Part 3’

Voice123 has been sharing blogs written by Dianne Russell, partner of Voice123 talent Adam Behr. Adam has enjoyed success with Voice123, and we hope you gather insight from his methods!

"I think the creativity, dynamism, theatrics, and flexibility of voice acting makes it a career choice with vast benefits for both the voice actor and his/her domestic partner. However, I had no idea of the true extent of these benefits, until I realized that we would be living in South Africa during World Cup 2010 and that my voice actor, Adam Behr, would actually be involved in the creation of numerous World Cup related projects. What an intimate way to experience all the festivities and crazy spirit of this historical event!

My favourite World Cup project had to be Adam’s involvement with the Thai food chain “Simply Asia” (listen to the voice over here). We eat there often, so for him to be chosen as the voice of their World Cup “Food Bowl” (a.k.a. “football”) campaign was exciting! Although he works on numerous accents, Thai is not one that he has done before. He stayed up into the wee hours the night before the audition, listening to various Thai voice samples, trying to get it just right. I admit I was a bit pessimistic. To me, he sounded more like a Japanese grandma with a stuffy nose, but he miraculously got the job and it is now playing on local radio! The staff at all the Simply Asia restaurants were sporting flashy red “Food Bowl” uniforms for the duration of the Cup, so eating there now is even more special!

Something on a more serious note and related to World Cup is this video by CRS (Catholic Relief Services) featuring Adam’s voice, a job booked through Voice123. Much has been said about how South Africa has wasted billions on World Cup instead of using the money to fight poverty. Others argue that the unity and national spirit (called ‘ubuntu’) kindled by World Cup has been invaluable and will lead to a more unified approach to dealing with the country’s obvious struggles with poverty. This video will make you appreciate the value of the sport in poorer communities around the world. Personally, I am much more inclined to spend all my pocket money on NGOs and children’s charities than on designer clothes or endless pairs of shoes!

Some of the other World Cup related projects involve advertising for oil products by Castrol Edge (another Voice123 booking) and “Mr. Lube” (listen here), a video soccer game for Anawiki Games in Poland (more Voice123 work), a British-accented narration for the pilot of a top secret international soccer series, and a Coke-South Africa animation as part of the “What’s your celebration?” series for Animalmusic and Santo Advertising.

Our World Cup hangover will hopefully fade away soon, but Adam’s recordings will be there forever. I LOVE living with my voice actor!"

Thank you always!

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