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Tips from Voice123: "Target Your Demos Effectively! Avoid Coffee Coaster Demos!"

Compilation Demos: Ineffective Online
If you have ever uploaded only one compilation demo onto Voice123, and gave it one category, but then wondered why direct invites came so few and far between, before believing the search engine results are the cause...take a moment to remember:

Online marketing demands 'being found in the right searches'. The best way to 'be found' is to be everywhere at the same time advertising what you do best, with the utmost professional integrity. Why? The speed by which the Internet is used affects the way people view search results. The general rule of thumb to follow:

  • 'Explain what you do with as few clicks as possible, and in less time.'

The average web user decides within 3 to 20 seconds of a mouse-click, whether or not they will give up on a website. That is a short window of time to make an impression! If you have a compilation demo with many recordings for many categories, those spots towards the end of it may never be heard online. Even worse, if you have a demo category such as IVR, but it comes later in your demo while your first spot is a radio promo; the person clicking the mouse believes in 3 to 20 seconds, that the demo is not what it says, and simply passes i.e. 'Next!'.

Does This Mean 'Throw Away Your Compilation Demos!'
No no no! Not at all! In fact, you are in luck! Working online, especially with the Voice123 search feature and SmartCast, the best way to handle this:
  • Edit your compilation demo into separate spots
  • Upload each one with a name and recording category that, within 3 to 20 seconds, will prove it is what you labeled!
  • By doing this, you avoid the searcher's mindset: 'Why do you call it this, but I heard that?'; a question you will never have the opportunity to answer.
  • The more spots you have uploaded, the better your search results both on Google and Voice123's search feature!
Booked Something New?
Get clearance from the people you have worked for and upload it right away; plain and simple. Important to keep in mind is that when you go to sleep every night, your demo, how you label it, and what you write online, stays there as your personal spokesperson working 24/7. This also means your spokesperson had better be telling the truth. Working online has come full circle, in a way, because when you worked offline you never lied on a resume sent to an agent 'because they may know someone and can find out'. As such, you should never misrepresent yourself online, as being the owner of work that is not yours.

Coffee Coasters?
I once had a compelling experience in 1996 when I saw an agent using a voice over demo CD as a coffee coaster. When I look back at all the demos I mailed out, and the amount of money spent, I can count on my hand the amount of times it actually got me a call. One time, my headshot showed up on the cover of a Ross Reports magazine, and I have no idea how. This means I was not targeting my marketing properly. Working online, you have greater reach at literally no cost at all. With such a powerful ability, it must be used wisely.

Do you have compelling voice over experiences you would love to share with the community? Let us know by writing us here!

Thank You Always!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen, I'm curious what you mean when you say " should never misrepresent yourself online, as being the owner of work that is not yours." Certainly someone wouldn't try to pass off another person's voice as their own? Or are you talking about someone doing a Dove commercial in their reel -- that was done simply for the demo and was not a paid spot?

Anonymous said...

My apologies Steven, for misspelling your name in my original comment...

The Voice123 Team said...

Simple...dont claim ownership of work that is not your voice.

Anonymous said...

thanks steven for all the advice I'm geromeo a new comer a new comer to voice123 i can use all the good advice i can get.

thecaptainsvoice said...

I'm still stymied w/ Anonymous...have you actually heard anyone claim someone else's voice as their own (and what would be the benefit of doing so?) or are you talking about making demo reels out of spots you haven't actually booked?