Monday, July 19, 2010

Voice123 Community: Forum Stuff!

“Say It Loud!”
Voice123 will be posting surveys on their forums on various topics to give you better community insight! We will present the results of this survey in two weeks!

Please go to this forum post!

This week's survey will enter your name into a contest to win a free 'Toy Story 3' poster, autographed by the voice of Spanish Buzz, Javier Fernandez-Pena!

“Wait! Huh? How much?”
Have you ever worked with someone in another country, and were charging something based on your currency? You may help or hurt yourself out of money! Check out this Voice123 forum post, discussing currency converter websites. There are also charts to show you updated currency exchange rates.

“Excuse me? Is This Information Private?’
On the same subject, working with people from other countries means many times dealing with rules and regulations you have never heard of before. At the same time, you have to think about your own ‘rules and regulations’, and even more so, protecting your own sensitive information from becoming public.

Take a look at this forum post here, and remember ‘Gut instinct may not always be right, but it certainly never lies to you!’

“Voice Processor?”
Have you ever been told that your voice sounded “too processed”, but were not sure exactly what that meant. This forum post explains it for you!

The Voice123 Forums are a great collection of information that is very valuable for working online.

We hope you can make the best of it, and thank you to all those who contribute!

Thank you always!

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