Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Voice123 Thanks The Voice Over Community For 2010!

Voice123 wants to take a moment to thank the entire voice over community (we know voice talent work as voice seekers too) for helping set a record of over 1000 voice over jobs posted a month in 2010 with our SmartCast system; not to mention the private jobs posted!

On the chart below, you will notice that Voice123 continues to grow, and continues to provide voice over jobs for the voice talent, who is all about ‘do-it-yourself’!

This has been an exciting year, finding out that jobs passing through the site came close to earning voice talent an Oscar-nominee, and also landing a major motion picture voice over job for the highest grossing animated film of all time!

For 2011, we leave voice seekers with a quote...from a voice talent, Naomi Mercer:

“There is no such thing as a small job; just small thinking.”

Any plans for 2011? We hope they include posting voice over work on Voice123!

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Steven Lowell
Community Development Guru
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