Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If I Was An Agent...Why I Would Use Voice123

I had this conversation with some Voice123 staff over dinner last Friday: “If I was an agent, I would be using Voice123 everyday.” Here is why:

  • Time-saver: Voice over agents have used Voice123 in the past to find talent. These jobs receive the quickest response out of any other job posted. In addition, Voice123 is a global marketplace, meaning I could very well post a job at 11pm EST, and get plenty of auditions before I go to bed, either from the pacific coast, or other parts of the world!

  • Shared inbox link to give to people for consideration, which also allows for me to hide that I used Voice123. You will not find any reference to Voice123 here. This feature was created for the job poster to take the credit for finding talent.

  • The website co-founders and staff are comprised of voice talent, artists and skilled web developers. I can trust the website will be sensitive to the business needs of the voice talent, and the job poster who needs an organized, time-saving technology for voice casting.

  • Finally....It is free to find voice talent. Voice123 only cares that voice talent get work, and does not take commission. So...no intermediaries. I guess that is a time-saver, too.

When I used Voice123 as a voice talent, I was contacted by agents a couple of times through the search feature. For this reason, I especially like the Voice123 voice seeker interface because it promotes loyalty and relationship building.

After a while, you start to realize you found more voice talent than you ever could have without the use of technology.

What do you think?

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J.S. Gilbert said...

I think the mistake many people make is in how they think. Personally, I don't see there being a voice over industry. There is a voice over profession, which is comprised of individuals who possess varied skills and perform varied functions.

Some talent may try to do everything, but that may be a personal disservice.

Bearing that in mind, it's easy for a voice talent using Voice123 to look at things they may not be suited for and potentially dismiss this as a resource, or in their exuberance, go after work they may not be ideally suited to doing.

Those looking to cast talent may also consider the broad expanse of individuals represented and not focus on how easy it is to convey their needs and have Smartcast, combined with a well written casting request, focus on appropriate talent.

Besides auditioning and securing work as a talent through Voice 123, I also cast and hire talent through them. I have yet to have a situation where I felt I was unable to present viable choices to my clients. I could only suggest that if someone has had issues casting via Voice 123, they should look at whether their casting call was written properly, they were offering realistic compensation for the work required and that they read through the FAQ's.

My last casting hit 40 responses before I elected to end it. Of those, I was left with over 20 viable casting choices and I presented my top 15 to the client.

The client agreed that most of the 15 sounded good enough to do the job.

1 was hired and my understanding is she was also rehired by the client.