Friday, December 17, 2010

Soundproofing and Recording Part II: Recording

In our last blog from December 15th, 2010, we shared with you soundproofing advice from voice coach David Zema, as part I of this series. Today, we share part II: Recording!

"There are many tutorials on line for using Audacity and other software for recording. Learn how to set levels for your voice and how to fix some of the unwanted background sounds in post-production until you can set up a quieter recording environment. Using noise reduction and other post- production processes may help, but they add unnecessary time to your busy schedule. The time spent setting up a permanent quieter environment is time better spent than fixing it in the mix for every recording. Learn the best practices for recording sound:

  • Get a fast, quiet computer with as much RAM as you can afford.
  • Use only 7200 RPM or solid state hard drives.
  • Use a second hard drive for recording your audio and not the same hard drive as your operating system.
  • Use the best uni-directional or cardioid microphone you can afford.

You are welcome to send me an mp3 of a recent audition recording you have done. I will send back a brief note telling you what, if any background I can hear as well as what I think may be the problem. If you would like a private consultation regarding soundproofing or recording or voice over coaching and demo production, I am available for that as well.
Soundproofing and recording take time to learn, troubleshooting and problem solving to get right. Be patient and persistent and you will succeed! - David Zema"

Coming up on Monday, look for a very special blog that will invite you to talk about how YOU, the voice talent, 'do what you do' from home! If you have pictures and info you would like to share from your Voice123 Meetup, please do not hesitate to write us, or share with the Voice123 Community!

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