Friday, December 03, 2010

Trend: Working Around An Obstacle

Over the summer, Voice123 did a survey asking about the various ways that voice talent get work.

You can see that forum post here!

Each month voice talent are surveyed on Voice123, and the most common statistic is that 6% to 10% of Voice123 voice talent can make a full-time living off of Voice123 alone. There is no voodoo behind it. There is a common thread among all of them:

  • They have repeat clients
  • They know how to market themselves online
  • They are talented
  • They have a brand to them that requires no explanation
  • They think creatively as a voice talent, and as a business

What is meant by ‘creative business thinking’?
As many know, or find out, Voice123 uses a software that aims to fairly distribute auditions among ALL paying subscribers. SmartCast can be viewed many ways, but the end result is that it is still a software with rules, and when these rules are learned, it is only at that point that a person can create his/her own; sounds very ‘Matrixee’.

Do the people working full-time do anything unfair?
No, but they know that believing the way to ‘win more jobs’ is to ‘constantly audition with blind online rigor’ is a mistake. You can only go out for that which fits you, and will not waste anyone's time.

“But what if I am in high demand”?
To get to the point, some voice talent realize that maybe SmartCast does limit them, and they would rather only use Voice123. They realize this because they get work on Voice123; not because they got work somewhere else.

Working Around an Obstacle
Many...but not all...purchase more than one profile, and when one seems to be getting limited, they jump to the next for a while. We never thought of it, but someone did, and it worked for him/her, so they told their friends...and they told their friends...and so on...and so on....This is a great reason to study how people succeed, and not study how others failed. You will always find both, but only one way teaches you how to get work.

Is this ‘cheating’?
It is hard to call something, ‘cheating’, when someone has taught another a way to work a system, by creating their own rule. The web allows for one to create a ‘persona’, but the industry always had stage names, no? A creation always takes on a life of its own. We have heard stories of amazing voice talent creating a false persona, and booking more work from the profile where their approach to work is more of an ‘act’, and they are shocked to find they are rarely hired from the profile where they sell themselves by stating how they have great experience, but more so where they simply can do the job.

Isn’t this a business about 'getting paid by pretending to be someone else anyway'?
To conclude...if you find you can get lots of work, and feel our system limits you, go for a second profile. Clients are reaching the same voice talent, and you are not shelling out a fortune to 'pay for privilege.'

It happens, so we want you to know about it. What do you think?

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David Allen said...

That is a very interesting approach to getting more work on Voice123. I had been considering it before reading your blog. Might just have to give it a try!