Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Usage: Don’t Knock Yourself Out!

Over the past few months, Voice123 has been featuring voice talent through social media. We do so by posting a project, that usually has a relevant theme to what is being talked about online. We somewhat ran into a snag this month, when it came time to promote the shared inbox on this voice job. Only 3 followed directions. Please don't knock yourself out of work doing the same!

Now, I do not like people beating up on voice talent by saying, ‘They never follow directions! (grumble grumble)’. I have heard it talked about before, but I think its unfair to single anyone group out. Why? A statistic recently showed that if you ask 100,000 people to do something on a website, you can expect less than 200 people to do it. In short, everyone is guilty of it at some point e.g. How many can actually say, ‘I read all the terms of service agreements for everything!’.

The problem is...In short, people are just people. Imagine you are a voice seeker, and you post a voice job, and you have a boss to give auditions. Listen to this and think about how many followed the script note: Record your audition in the voice of the VO Job you always wanted, and tell the world why you want it!

There is great talent on here too! However, that greatness has to translate into an online environment, and it may just start with the way one interprets or reads directions!

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