Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Usage Tip: Making The Best of No Voice

Voice talent, voice actors, and entertainment jobs alike all have one thing in common, in that each day they wake up, a new job search takes place, even if they worked the day before. Perhaps the most frustrating thing, if not painful, is to have days when you know you cannot look for work. What can you do? People get sick, and people lose their voice.

However, working online means taking the voice away from the voice talent does not mean one must ‘stay quiet’ or stop marketing. What does one do when faced with the situation of not being able to audition?

Try the following:

  • Read this blog about voice overs, and how people are working on Voice123.
  • Get involved in social media. See who says what and interact with them.
  • Familiarize yourself with websites and web tools by looking around for them.
  • Read up on forums, and ask questions you now have the time to ask.
  • Look around the search feature. Investigate the competition. Every business does it. I used to select parameters, and listen to people’s demos. I learned quickly who I would be competing with, and also which were voice types that basically sounded like my brand, and had booked work I hope to achieve.(take this example: Chris Emerson)

The amazing thing about all of this...
It is free. You will not hurt anyone by generating your web content, or educating yourself on things that just twenty years ago cost thousands of dollars to figure out. The toughest thing talent deal with online is finding the time to truly invest time in investigating online activity, and networking. As a voice talent online, it is all important, and related to working online.

Make time for rest!

The day(s) need not leave you feeling that you are falling behind because you could not audition. You can even check websites for advice on how to take care of your voice!

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JimKnight said...

Great advice. Sometimes we can't see the forrest for the trees. I'm glad you guys are there to remind us of some of the simple things that can help our productivity that we just don't think about.