Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Usage Tip: Knowing What To Say, Building Communication

A challenge the voiceover industry always faced, whether online or not, is the process of the ‘business’ communicating to the ‘creative’ exactly what is desired. It may just come down to knowing what to say to get everyone on the same page. Voice123 wishes to give you ideas for filling out your next voice over project form in order to find the best voice talent.

Voice talent are less likely to audition for voice over jobs when the description is weakly documented. Why? It is very difficult to give someone what they want when the description is poor, and it may feel like a waste of time, as in this ‘worst case scenario’:

  • Need voice for my store

The hidden psychology behind a turn-off:
A voice talent may assume by the lack of detail and attention paid to the description, that it is an indication of the person’s feeling towards the importance of the voice over. After they look at such things including grammar, and spelling (because it does matter to them), they also have concerns when they do not see the following:

  • Pronunciations
  • Request for delivery style
  • Logistics of the job

Best case scenario...Usage Tip?
When you are filling out a project form, or sending a direct contact email, include the following:

  • Special pronunciations
  • Delivery style (sexy, sultry, smooth, friendly, maybe something about pacing)
  • Logistics: “The voice talent must be available on these dates”
  • Budget explanations: Is the amount listed per person, or the whole job? Currency?

In short, you cannot go wrong with details. The effort spent in describing more will lead to positive results when you start listening to auditions! Take your time and relish in the fact you are about to save yourself a great deal of time!

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