Monday, May 24, 2010

Voice123 Community News!

'Voice Talent! Lend Me Your Ears!'

I mean that, seriously. I am about ready for a new pair! Last week, in our Voice123 Premium Forums, I mentioned troubles I was having with ear aches from prolonged usage of headphones. Please read about it here.

I received great information from very generous voice talent, Cia Allan, Si 'Pipes' Hawk, Scott Gentle, Xiao Zhen Xue, and Victoria Wright. This is a 'thank you' to them, and also a chance for you to read some wonderful information, if you are a voice talent who spends a great deal of time wearing 'cans'. The Voice123 Premium Forums continues to be an excellent opportunity to find great information for auditioning on Voice123! We hope you will take a look!

Wanted: 'Voice Over Stories From Around the World!'

Voice123 has the opportunity to read amazing stories of voice over success in the 10,000-plus customer service emails we receive a month. The day-to-day of what voice talent experience is always amazing to us, and we want to make this website more about the voice over community! If you wish, send us a story of your typical voice over 'day-in-the-life'. We would love to feature you, for example in this blog about Adam Behr. Please send your stories to with the subject heading: 'My Typical Day'.

Seeking Something to Do With the Kids This Summer?

Are you a Premium Subscriber on Voice123 with a child, looking to go into the voice over field? If so, Voice123 offers a free trial program for those children of Voice123 Premium Subscribing Parents, who wish to involve their kids in auditioning online with Voice123!

If you are interested, please take a look here.

Thank you!
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