Friday, May 14, 2010

'Go-to Staff' for Voice123's Spanish Voice Over Community!

Voice123 is a global company, and this world is getting smaller every day! The staff at Voice123 is a culturally diverse group of individuals that look to help to as many voice over industry professionals as possible, whether you are a voice talent, voice seeker, or just curious about the website. This week we want to give you a list of 'Go-to Staff' for the quickly growing Spanish voice over community on Voice123, and online.

If you feel more comfortable writing in Spanish, your contacts at Voice123 would be Charlie Peres and JP Gonzalez in voice talent customer service. They definitely look forward to hearing from you. If you look to post a job and prefer a Spanish-speaking representative, Leo Lopez, Jack Svez, or Giselle Geney will be there for you.

Many of you may know Giselle Geney, from the Coach Partner Program on Voice123, but she is also a great person to contact for Voice123's affiliate program. If you are a Spanish voice coach or interested in affiliation, please read more about that here and write her with your questions. Federico Rivera or myself are additional contacts for marketing ideas you may have when working with Voice123.

If you wish to send us feedback in Spanish, Leo Lopez will gladly assist you in voice seekers, as well as Charlie Peres in voice talent customer service. By all means we would like you to feel comfortable when writing us to share improvement ideas for Voice123.

Next week, we look to mention a marketing program we did last year that will be helpful for those voice talent looking to get their kids into this great industry!

For now...

Adios! Que te vaya muy bien!

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