Monday, February 05, 2007

The Voice Over Savvy Forum

The Voice Over Savvy Forum ( has become the best communication tool for the Voice Over community as well as a great resource of information and industry tips. The Forums were conceived with the idea of having a meeting place where we could all gather and share information related to the field, but we never expected such an amazing response from the community. Since its creation, more than 4,500 postings have been placed on The Voice Over Savvy Forum. Thank you for all your support and participation.

The following are a few of the most interesting and fun topics and discussions on the Voice Over Savvy Forum. Check them out and enjoy:

Studio Pictures
"This I prefer picking up my own panty hose Cameron. I usually add it to the list while I am getting my lipstick and eyeliner..."
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Voice Over Tips
"Here's something that surprised me. I've been out of radio a long time, but did an old friend a favor the other night and did a shift at a Clear Channel station. I could not believe how LOUD the studio was! The floor must have been -30db..."
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Demo of the Day
"How about we all upload our favorite audition of the day?
It'd allow us to hear what our peers are up to and - sometimes - even compare takes of the same text..."
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The best VO books and DVDs
"There are hundreds of books and DVDs on the market that claim to teach you everything you need to know about the VO industry..."
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Be aware of possible check fraud
“This check was made for a higher amount and the client was expecting the talent to return the extra money to an overseas account...” - Read more and comment at

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