Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Updates in reference to the New Voice123!

Hello Everybody!

Because you asked for it, here is the second of many short updates in reference to the New Voice123.

This is the first time I am going to be blogging on a frequent basis. So please bear with me and give your feedback so that I can improve my blogging techniques.

So far, we have successfully alpha-tested around 13 out of the 20 major NEW systems that are part of the New Voice123. Two systems are almost done in terms of alpha-testing. Three more are currently being tested and will be finished within a few days. The two other, hopefully, will finish alpha-testing early next week.

Once we complete all alpha-testing, we would have reached the alpha milestone. It is then that we will be announcing all of the new features of the New Voice123.

PS. Keep an eye on this blog and I promise you will learn about all of the new features of the New Voice123 before everybody else does – You can automatically subscribe to the Voice123 blog using this RSS feed:

Alex Torrenegra
Voice123 Leader & Co-Founder

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