Thursday, January 04, 2007

Voice Over Savvy Winner of One Year Subscription

The Forums Keep Growing

The Voice Over Savvy Forum ( is growing to be one of the best information resources and communication tools in the voice over community worldwide. Since its creation two months ago, almost 2,000 posts have been placed, covering topics like audition feedback, talent’s demo critiques, fun stuff, tech questions, and industry tips.

We are really happy to see the great response from the voice over community, inspiring us to make the Voice Over Savvy Forum a meeting tool for all of us.

November’s Premium Subscription Winner!

Congratulations to the winner of the 1 year premium subscription to Voice123. The winner was selected randomly from the 50 most active users during the month of November. Do you want to find out who won? Check the raffle video:

Check Out These Topics

The following are a few of the most interesting and fun topics and discussions on the Voice Over Savvy Forum. Check them out and enjoy them:

Will we eventually be extinct?

"I came across this article on line and got a little frightened. It talks about the possibility of computers taking over our jobs. " Check out more comments at


"Does anyone have experience with representation by an agent? How much did it cost, was it worth it in your opinion, did you see lots of work?" Learn more at

Coughs, colds and congestion

"I'm just wondering what you all do when you get sick. I've fought off about 3 colds within the last couple of months." Check out the answers at

Editing programs

"I'm wondering what all of you are using for your recording/editing programs. Currently I'm using cuebase because it came with my Tascam. " Read more at

Also do not forget to visit our Voice Over Idol section, where you can read, receive and provide feedback on talent’s demos: and our Selling & Buying forum, the place to sell any type of recording and production tools:

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