Monday, February 19, 2007

Check Out These Topics On The Voice Over Savvy Forum

The Voice Over Savvy Forum (http:// has become the best communication tool for the Voice Over community as well as a great resource of information and industry tips. The Forums were conceived with the idea of having a meeting place where we could all gather and share information related to the field, but we never expected such an amazing response from the community. Since its creation, more than 4,500 postings have been placed on The Voice Over Savvy Forum. Thank you for all your support and participation.

The following are a few of the most interesting and fun topics and discussions on the Voice Over Savvy Forum. Check them out and enjoy:

Need advice on what typical turnaround times when hiring
“I need to get some advice on what one should expect when dealing with voice talent on a daily volume basis and with quick turn-arounds...”
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Update on the New Version of V123
"Where are we right now in the development and execution of this new version of Voice 123? Well, in order to understand where we are, you first need to understand our development process. Are you ready for some technical talk?..."
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Let us hear your best LaFontaine!
“Okay, so every third post here talks about the god, the king, the pinnacle of voices, Don LaFontaine...”
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