Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Ranking System on Voice123

If you have not noticed already, the 'rating system' is no longer being used. The rating system stood as a symbol of what can happen when good intention is lost behind the words one chooses to express it. Voice123 understands that many talents were not rated in the past for the fears that feelings would be hurt or jobs would be lost. The Internet can be short of helpful feedback these days, and as hard as the rating system tried, it was inefficient in accomplishing its goal of letting talents know where they stood versus the competition.

There was nothing to do, but start over.

On the morning of July 11th, 2008, the new Ranking System was implemented, a system in which the feedback from the client on who should be considered for the job will appear in the talents Audition Outbox. Instead of giving stars, you can let the talent know if the talent will:
  • Likely Hiring
  • Considering
  • Maybe
  • Not likely
  • Won't be considered at all
This process also helps you sort the auditions easily for your client based on who you think should be hired. Talents will benefit from your feedback as they will see how they stood against the competition. You will benefit by having an easier way to sort your auditions, based on who you will hire.

We feel this new system is more comprehensive for everyone, and hope it encourages you to leave feedback. We understand why leaving a 'rating' in the past did not seem appealing.

We do hope you enjoy this new feature, and can use it for your benefit in the future!

If you have a new voice project in mind, just post it here to start taking advantage of this new feature:

Thank you for using Voice123!

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Juan Salcedo
General Manager


Anonymous said...

I believe the new ranking system is great,and that it will be very helpful to the voice over industries.

Anonymous said...

The new ranking system is only pertinent to me as a producer on a current project.

I prefer no previous voice talent rankings influencing my future castings as each new project brings a new set of dynamics.

I want a fresh start each go around to make sure I get an unbiased selection of voice talent based on criteria I submit. Use of keywords, age, gender, are important as they help me determine which talents will be selected to audition.