Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Casting Voice-overs? You Can Now Share Your Voice123 Audition Inbox

Voice123 brings you the ability to share your audition inbox! If you have posted a job for a client in the past on Voice123, or for your own projects, you may have dealt with the following:
  • Time-consuming link downloading of each audition you are interested in sharing with your clients/colleagues.
  • Occasional speed-bumps from Flash Player or link downloading.
  • Emailing each demo separately to the client.
Welcome to Voice123 Inbox Sharing!

  • A new way to share your FULL or PARTIAL Audition Inbox with a clients/colleague/co-workers all at once, by sending an automated link!
  • This saves you time, effort, and gives you more flexibility to evaluate each audition effectively.
  • This also gives everyone the full selection of what you have received.
  • You can hide all reference to the Voice123 brand, if you don't want to let your client know your casting tool secrets. (And you can even embed the audition inbox into your own website!)
The link can be found right above the auditions in the inbox:

Voice123 Share Audition Inbox
Simply decide what you want your client to see by checking or unchecking each box, and drop down menu:

Share Voiceover Audition
You can preview the new screen or just copy and paste the automatically generated inbox link!

Voice-over Casting Sample
Click on the following examples of how you can link to the unbranded version and how to include the auditions in your own website (e.g.

Voice123 hopes this saves you time and effort, making your experience faster, smoother, and easier! We appreciate the jobs you supply to Voice123 talents! Post a job again on Voice123 and see why Voice123 received a satisfaction rating of 95% in March 2008 by their clients, and still maintains a rating of over 90% to date!

In Voice123 you start receiving quality auditions within 60 minutes of approval of your project, more than that is just not acceptable in this fast-paced industry!

Coming soon... updates on our Project Creation form and descriptions of new Quality Assurance processes!

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Juan Salcedo
General Manager

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